Presentations for Programmers

Quick tips for IT pros doing presentations.

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Creating a Presentation

Design & Coding

Define the presentation architecture.

Tools & Frameworks

Master them to make your life as a presenter easier.

Select a Presentation IDE

  • PowerPoint
  • Prezi
  • Google Drive
  • HTML5

HTML5 Presentation Frameworks

Essential Zoom Tool

ZoomIt options dialog


Business Layer

What's the story?

Explain Your Goal

And make it brief.

Work Towards The Goal

In just a few small steps.


What do you want your audience to remember (or do)?

Presentation Layer

Match the looks to the story.

Obey the KISS priciple

Less == More

Use BIG fonts

Use Images/Video

Self-Description cartoon by xkcd.
Insert famous quote about what one picture is worth...

Coding Live? Zoom!

Visual Studio Zoomed code

[CTRL][scroll] or [CTRL][+] in most IDEs

Testing & QA

Putting it all together.

Murphy's Law

Anything that can go wrong,
will go wrong.'s_law

Have a Plan B

Plan B on empty toilet roll.

Coding live from scratch? Have a completed solution ready as a backup.


It will get better.

Going Into Production

Just do it.

(And don't forget to smile :)

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